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Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Milano? Well, you are in the right place: select our wedding photography tradition!


Agostino Marinaro and his team of wedding photographers are able to realize the perfect photoshoot for your wedding. We have 30 years of activity in the field of wedding photography that make our style unique and exciting. Every bride has her tastes and our job is to satisfy them in the best way possible.


Wedding photographers of BM Fotofilms are experts in taking the best from every moment of each wedding day, realizing excellent shoots and putting them together for great photo albums.  Our studio is located in Milano - Sesto San Giovanni, so if you want to select a wedding photographer in Milano with a lot of experience, just contact us! 


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For more informations about our services, please send and email to or call us at +39 0226223819. We'll be happy to connect with you and answer all your questions about our wedding photography!


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  • Wedding Photography Select Milano
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